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 Invitation – Alt-ER 2.0 Dissemination Event
June 8th at 12:45, Poul Gernes Salen, VIA Campus Viborg.


Alt-ER 2.0 is a currently running Erasmus+ action made up of a mix of 5 higher education and research institutions and an SME that work in fields attendant to game-based education, pedagogy, and animation as a tool for learning and self-expression. The project has made a
clear and justified case for games, media, and self-directed storytelling as a tool for young people in their learning and development and explores how they function as a bridge between the classroom and home while charting development and growth in early
childhood education and care.
We are excited to invite you to a final conference and dissemination event for Alt-ER 2.0 during which the project itself and its final results, including a revised framework attendant to needs and concerns emergent from Covid-19 and the subsequent global lockdown will be presented and discussed.
Following the formal presentation breakout workshops led by project partners will unveil the new Alt-ER 2.0 platform and allow for hands on experimentation within small groups. Relevant participants include parents, teachers, and those pursuing pedagogic educations, but also
programmers and developers all of whom can benefit from the hands-on demonstrations as well as an immersion in and greater understanding of games, media, and creative storytelling as a structure for learning, integration, and resilience.

13:00 – Welcome and Introduction – Laura Sønderggard
13:15 – Keynote Presentation – Santeri Koivisto (Teacher Gaming, FI)
13:35 – Pause
13:45 – Breakout Workshop Hands on with Alt-ER
14:30 – Pause
14:45 – Breakout Workshop Stop Motion Studio
15:30 – Wrap up Q&A
15:45 – Networking and discussion
16:00 – Event close

Alt-er 2.0

Målet med Alt-er er at fremme modstandskraft hos elever, mindske skolefrafald og give europæiske børn (4-6 år) en god start på deres uddannelse. På Alt-ers hjemmeside kan du finde animationsværktøjer og en app til at understøtte socio-emotionel læring blandt andre færdigheder. App’en samt læringsaktiviteter er målrettet mod overgangsfasen fra børnehave til skole. Alt-er er et EU-finansieret projekt.

Alter 2.0