5 Workshops and courses

Workshops and courses

We work with both further training, courses and tailor-made workshops as needed. Through 30 years of development, we have gathered an exciting library of experience, and our competences range widely in both Danish and international auspices.

Anvendt film

Pedagogical diploma in applied film

Do you want to work with film narration, film craft and film production in your classes at school, in daycare or in another educational context? Then take a course in applied film.

Anvendt film

Stop motion for the whole family

Try the AOF course with the family and learn how you can do stop motion at home. You will be guided through the entire process of making a film from start to finish. Stop motion is an active and creative way to use the screen, and it’s fun for all ages.

Anvendt film

Tailor-made workshops

We offer workshops in all categories, whether it concerns class workshops, competence development for pedagogues and teachers, team building, and much more. Animation has no limits and no age.

Anvendt film

Book a course in Play with Film for your institution

Play with Film is fun and educational for both children and adults. Here we offer a course where we come out to your institution and give you tools to do stop motion with the children, both in nautre and inside the institution.