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Animation comes from the Latin word animare and means to give life or to give a spirit to something – we want to give life and spirit to teaching and pedagogy.

ECFA journal 2019 No.2

Animation Film & Media Literacy in Education – FAME, Take 1

(In ECFA Journal 2019)

In 2018, the Animated Learning Lab became a member of the European organization ECFA – European Children’s Film Association.

All inspirations materiale

All inspiration material

Animated Learning Lab – A learning community is an inspirational material created on the basis of a 3-year competency development course for teachers and pedagogues from Viborg Municipality. The focus was production-oriented teaching and aesthetic learning processes.

Film literacy I fagene

Film literacy i fagene

This publication deals with research related to the project Animated Learning Labs (ALL) – a project supported by A.P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller’s Foundation for common Purposes with regard to practice-oriented competence development for teachers and pedagogues in primary
and lower secondary schools in Viborg Municipality.

Film literacy I fagene


Cobostories is a digital learning universe, developed under the Storytelling Workshop Online Project (SWOP), which is an EU-supported project led by Copenhagen Bombay. Cobostories allows students to engage in self-directed and creative constructions through the research, planning and creation of short, animated films.

Kreativ læring med levende billeder

Creative learning with moving pictures

The catalogue provides a brief overview of the main points made by the follow-up research to the Animated Learning Labs project on production-oriented learning; Especially with regard to how to
support a qualification and a progression in production-oriented courses.

Kortlægning af Dansk filmpædagogik på grundskoleniveau

Mapping of Danish film pedagogy at primary school level

The goal of this mapping is to gather experiences, results and recommendations in the field of film education at primary school level in Denmark.

Analyse af kortlægning af dansk filmpaedagogik paa grundskoleniveau

Analysis of Mapping Danish Film Pedagogy at primary school level

The purpose of the analysis is to form a general picture of the recommendations, experiences and results represented in “Mapping Danish film pedagogy at primary school level”.