5 Same same – but different

Same same – but different

The project’s aim is to include everyone within the teaching situation of the academic community by developing their imagination and communication skills.

Same Same but Different

Same, Same but Different’ will develop a cinematic creative concept that can work into goal-driven teaching courses. The specific tasks are based on the school’s common goals.

This project will use parallels between the written language and the cinematic effects as a starting point. By using animation as the media to create awareness of language development, students will also be introduced to the cinematic effects.

Students can thus learn drawing/illustration and filmmaking already from the young classes. This will support the development of the students’ own ideas and observations, as well as provide several means of expressing themselves. This opens up for inclusion into the academic community for the 15 % of students who have reading and writing difficulties. This will provide more space and peace to achieve the common goals through differentiated teaching courses.

‘Same same – but different’ is a project with focus on word knowledge and reading with understanding. The project is based on what the class works with during the school year.

We are working in a 4th class with Stian Hole’s book, “Garmanns Gade”. The illustrations in the book are made with a collage technique with distorted perspective. We have chosen to work with the word perspective as the theme for the book. We also talk about the physical perspective and the metaphorical meaning of the word, and how the incomprehensible can make things grow. Before we started, the students had done small animation exercise where they were to create perspective and depth in their animations.

Subsequently, they have created a wilderness with plants from old books and magazines, as well as prints from the internet. The size ratio does not have to be mathematically correct, but we work with an experienced perspective.